The Russian Program compares myth and reality in the American imagination of Russia, from the Russian Revolution to the Putin years.

Russia is a country of vast spaces and mysterious paradoxes. It is a land of great artists, writers and thinkers who have contributed to the world intellectual heritage. Russia is also home to prominent scientists, political activists, and incredible athletes. The rich and turbulent history of the country has left its imprint on Russia’s remarkable architecture and art, as well as the mentality of the Russian people.

Russian is among the high priority languages for various federal agencies: the Department of Defense, Department of Energy, Department of Homeland Security, and Department of State have all included Russian on their list of the most critically needed languages. The place of Russia and Russian in the Eurasian geographical and cultural context has been, and continues to be, of great importance in the political arena.

LCL offers a Major (first or second) and a Minor in Russian. This degree emphasizes language proficiency and in-depth understanding of Russian culture and literature. The Russian major also prepares students for Graduate School and careers in such diverse areas as government service, business, education, translation, and health services. Our students had received prestigious scholarships from the Fulbright Commission and the State Department, which allowed them to pursue their studies in Russia and gain first-hand experience of the language and the culture.

Russian Events on Campus

1. Russian Headlines: Socio-Political Forum at UNM

Do you want to talk more about Russia, Russians, and the Russian-American relations outside the classroom? Join our bi-weekly discussions about Russia in the news every other Friday at 3pm in Language Lab 4 in Ortega Hall. No knowledge of Russian is needed. All the news sources and discussions are in English. Check out the page of our Facebook group to stay updated about the upcoming discussions.

If you have any questions, email Dr. Irina Meier at    

2. Russian Club Kamchatka

Our Russian Club Kamchatka meets every other Friday at 3pm in Language Lab 4 in Ortega Hall (its meetings alternate with the forum meetings). We watch Russian movies, cartoons, video clips and sing Russian songs. Check out the FB page of the club to stay updated about the schedule and other upcoming events: Kamchatka! If you have any questions, email Anna Shkireva at

Academic and professional opportunities with Russian

Jobs in the US and in Russia, internships, funding opportunities, summer programs and more

Russian Listserv and FB Page

Stay updated about the Russian program events, the local Russian community events, Russian jobs, scholarships, and others with our Russian listserv and FB page. 

Pushkin State Russian Language Institute - Moscow

The agreement between LCL and the Pushkin Institute offers numerous academic opportunities for students and teachers of Russian, including Russian Language Certification, study abroad programs, teacher training, organization of workshops, seminars and conferences, access to educational materials online and in print, and much more.


Higher School of Economics - Nizhnii Novgorod

Our study abroad program with HSE in Nizhnii Novgorod includes Russian language at all levels as well as courses in Russian culture, literature, history, and other subjects. The program features small groups or individual lessons tailored to the specific needs of the students, vibrant international campus, and plenty of extracurricular activities in a region rich in nature, history, and culture.  

Many of our students had gone on to graduate school in a wide variety of areas, including Translation and Interpretation, Criminology, Statistics, History, Speech and Hearing, Public Administration, MBA, Economics, Nuclear Engineering, and Medical School.

Undergraduate Advisor - Irina Vasilyeva Meier

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