Rodrigue Bognolok Etouem

Photo: Rodrigue Bognolok Etouem
Office: 353A
Office Hours: M W F 2-2:50


Rodrigue Bognolok Etouem was born in Cameroon, and is currently a graduate student in the French M.A. program at UNM. His field of study relates to the oral and written literature of francophone Africa, and the problems of social management of politics raised in these literatures. Rodrigue holds a B.A in oral literature obtained at the University of Yaounde I and a Master’s degree obtained at the same university. He also holds a High Professional Diploma in Logistics, obtained at the Gulf Field Institute of Petroleum and Management (Limbe, Cameroon).  

Since 2020, Rodrigue has been a member of CERIMAD (Cercle de Recherche sur les Imaginaires de l'Afrique et de ses Diasporats), a scientific circle whose work focuses on all development issues of Africans in the world through literature, anthropology, law, economics and politics. He likes soccer and traveling.