Bertrand Collins Ngong

Photo: Bertrand Collins Ngong
Office: 351A
Office Hours: M W F 11-12


Bertrand Collins Ngong is a native of Cameroon. Interested in the vestiges of the German colonial presence in Africa, he first studied Germanistics which led him to a B.A. with a minor in psychology at the University of Yaoundé I. He then studied the history and culture of the black world in the Department of Negro-African Literatures and Civilizations in the same university. He specialized in African oral literature and got a Master's degree. From 2015 to 2020, he worked within the framework of the scientific and cultural project entitled "Preservation and Transmission of Africa's Collective Memory - African Testimonies and Oral Literature in Early Colonial History... - 1884-1916 (Germany in Cameroon) and 1920-1930 (France and Great Britain in Cameroon)". An interesting project whose purpose was to question African oral sources (in African languages) on the German colonial history in Africa and thus to counterbalance the exclusivity reserved to written sources in German and European languages. On the strength of this experience, his research questions the history and culture of black German communities in German-speaking countries. This quest for African history will guide his steps to the University of New Mexico in the United States of America, where he is currently pursuing his studies and research in German studies. Working as a Teaching Assistant in the department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, Bertrand Collins Ngong is also a budding short story writer, poet and novelist.